Wii Music

Wii Music is fun. It's fun even though you don't actually play music. It's fun even though it's not really a game, and it's fun even though it's not a good value, either. Very young children (from 3 to 6 years of age) will probably get the most out of conducting an orchestra, waving controllers to mimick playing steel drums, and using their Miis to make a goofy arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. theme song, but even a group of adults can get a few hours of joy from Wii Music before the novelty wears off.

There's a wide variety of instruments to play in Wii Music: drums, guitar, violin, trumpet, saxophone, timpani, harp, electric and upright bass, steel drums, banjo, handbells, and many more. Each of these instruments is played by one of four simple motions. Guitars are played by holding the Nunchuk as you would the neck of a guitar and then moving the remote in a strumming motion. Wind instruments are played without the Nunchuk; just hold the top of the remote toward your mouth and press the 1 and 2 buttons to change notes. You can raise and lower the remote to increase or decrease the volume. Violins are a little more complex; you hold the Nunchuk out from your shoulder and then move the remote back and forth like a bow across strings. Drums and keyboards are played by waving the remote and Nunchuk up and down. A more complicated drum set is available if you have a Wii Fit Board as well (it acts as a pedal).

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