Link's Crossbow Training

We weren't impressed with the compilation of mini-games known as Wii Play, but we have to give credit to Nintendo for making the set available at an attractive price point and bundled alongside a free Wii remote. It is a strategy that has continued to work - despite mediocre review scores, Wii Play is month after month a top-seller on the Big N's console and now the publisher just might be able to repeat the successful formula with a brand new peripheral and an accompanying demo that is far more interesting. Of course, we're referring to Link's Crossbow Training, which comes packaged with the Wii Zapper for only $19.99. It's a good price, but exactly what does the money get you? The answer is a highly entertaining, although relatively shallow shooting game set to the backdrop of the beloved Zelda universe, and a hunk of plastic - a shell of a controller, literally, meant to house the Wii remote and nunchuk in a gun-like holster. In a way, the package is the polar opposite to Wii Play, whose main selling point was most certainly the remote itself. Here, the demo - Link's brief revisiting of the world from Twilight Princess, crossbow in hand -- is worth more rupees than 10 Wii Zappers.

Take control of Link to target the enemies in this stage. We've been very vocal about our dissatisfaction with the Wii Zapper and Link's Crossbow Training does little to change that. The fact remains, the peripheral is just a shell and a rather shabby, flimsy one at that. You simply plug the Wii remote and nunchuk into it and voila - you have a light gun… or, that's what you're supposed to believe. The Zapper obviously does not transform your Wii remote into a classic light gun, though - it just simulates the experience. You still target with an on-screen reticule and the position of said reticule is determined by the angle of your Wii remote to the console's sensor bar - same as before. Novice players may find the Wii Zapper more approachable than a standalone remote because it gives the impression of holding a real gun. But if you're adept at all with Nintendo's controller, you will quickly discover that the Zapper actually slows your aiming speed and accuracy - this, because you have to use your arms to target; utilizing only the Wii remote, precision aim can be had with simpler and quicker wrist movements.

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