Rock n Roll Adventures

With the Wii being such a runaway success, it's understandable for some developers and publishers to want to catch any cash that falls off the speeding train. But what Conspiracy Entertainment and Data Design Initiative are doing with their line of budget Wii games is incredibly disappointing. These cookie-cutter games are designed strictly to dupe a few suckers at the register while caught up in Wii mania this holiday. And when games like Rock 'n Roll Adventure are unwrapped, there will be a (hopefully) small collection of gamers that wonder if this is the best the console can do. Rest assured, the Wii is much better than this -- but it's a shame it takes a game like this the underline the point.

Rock 'n Roll Adventure is a bad action game cut from the same fabric of the first generation of 3D platformers following the polygonal revolution. Those games suffered from lack of direction and the prayer that just having a handful of 3D effects would somehow obscure the laundry list of shortcomings. Rock 'n Roll Adventure uses the Wii's motion controls as just such a ploy, but those are so misused in this bland platformer that they add to the game's problems instead of distracting attention away from them.

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