Mario Kart Wii

Indeed, since its inception Kart has become a household name, seeing six iterations, over 100 tracks, and spawning millions upon millions of players worldwide. Every version brings something subtly different to the table, and everyone seems to have a favorite amidst a franchise that never quite changes, but never really stays the same from game to game. Ask players which characters they prefer, what levels top the list, and which items need to stay or go, and you'll get as many diverse responses are there are gamer types. And yet, most Nintendo fans will agree that the Kart games are enjoyable single-player experiences and addictive multiplayer ones.

Supposing you're new to the phenomenon -- hey, this is Wii after all; you might come from that coveted "blue ocean" corner -- Mario Kart Wii, like its predecessors, is a pick-up-and-play racer drenched in Mushroom Kingdom characters and overrun with outlandish track designs. You can race against foes or engage them in vehicular battle -- not with guns, mind you, but turtle shells and bananas. This is a Nintendo game, remember. The concept may seem downright childish as you read about it, but the end experience is both charming and fun.

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