GT Pro Series

It slices, it shoots, it...drives a car? That's right, the Wii Remote can add serving as a steering wheel to its list of uses thanks in part to Ubisoft's racing game GT Pro Series. The concept of using the remote to steer a vehicle is used in other games--and will no doubt be used by many others many more times to come--but what makes GT Pro Series unique is that it takes the concept a step further and turns the Wii Remote into a wheel. Specifically, the game comes packaged with a small plastic steering wheel that has a slot that you can fit the Wii Remote into and then use as you would any other steering wheel to control your onscreen vehicle. It's a novel idea that's fun for a few minutes, but the enjoyment quickly fades, and you're left with an ugly, unexciting racing game.

GT Pro Series is a road racing game featuring real-world vehicles from Japanese manufacturers such as Honda, Subaru, Toyota, and Nissan. It's a very straightforward game of racing on some very generic tracks with broad corners to encourage drifting. It's all very bare-bones stuff that has appeared in countless other racing games. The only interesting element of GT Pro Series is the way you control the car. You hold the Wii Remote so the buttons are facing you, and then you tilt it left and right to steer your car. The included steering wheel casing for the Wii Remote makes it so that you have an actual wheel that you can turn, rather than just tilting the remote. The way the remote is positioned in the wheel, it's easy to reach the 1 and 2 buttons to use your brake and gas, respectively.

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