Mario Super Sluggers

Mario sports games are well known for presenting arcade versions of popular sports that are easy to pick up and play, yet complex enough to satisfy skilled players. Mario Super Sluggers is the progeny of the GameCube's great Mario Superstar Baseball, but alas, this apple falls far from the tree. A number of changes skew the game toward simplicity and accessibility, and in many ways the game feels like it's been jabbed in the thigh with a strong dose of performance-diminishing Mario Party extract. Many will likely enjoy the redesigned challenge mode and motion-sensitive controls, but those hoping for another engaging arcade sports title will be disappointed.

As you might expect, Mario Super Sluggers is all about the motion controls. Cock the remote back, then sweep it forward to swing your bat. Lift it up, then flick it down to throw a pitch. Shake the remote to run faster. Wiggle it to throw the ball in the field. Add in a button or two and you've got yourself the main control scheme. You can play with or without the Nunchuk; the former scheme is best for folks who want to control base runners and fielders, the latter for those who don't mind leaving some decisions up to the conservative AI. Either way, you'll be shaking your arm a lot, though much of the game is structured to accommodate frequent flailing (more on that in a minute).

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