The Beatles Collectors Edition substitutes the traditional properties with Beatles albums and points of interest, listed in chronological order of release date. The game board features all the albums recorded by The Beatles from Please, Please Me to Let It Be, along with special Fabs versions of the pewter tokens.

Licensed by Apple Studios, it is The Beatles' first officially-approved board game.

Beatles Monopoly is to contain the following properties (listed with the equivalents from the conventional US Monopoly editions):

* Boardwalk: Apple Studios
* Park Place: Abbey Road Studios
* Green: Abbey Road, Hey Jude, Let It Be
* Yellow: Magical Mystery Tour, The Beatles, Yellow Submarine
* Red: Yesterday... And Today, Revolver, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
* Orange: Beatles VI, Help!, Rubber Soul
* Magenta: Something New, Beatles For Sale, Beatles '65
* Light Blue: Introducing the Beatles, The Beatles' Second Album, A Hard Day's Night
* Purple: Please, Please Me, With the Beatles
* Railroads: Concert Tickets
* Chance: The Fab Four
* Community Chest: Beatlemania
* Electric Company and Waterworks: Shea Stadium, Candlestick Park
* Income Tax: Taxman
* Luxury Tax: Ticket To Ride
* Pewter Tokens: walrus (I Am The Walrus), sun (Here Comes The Sun), raccoon (Rocky Raccoon), octopus (Octopus's Garden), strawberry (Strawberry Fields Forever), hammer (Maxwell's Silver Hammer)
* Money: love: (All You Need Is Love)
* Houses: renamed Listening Parties (white)
* Hotels: renamed Concerts (black)

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