"Jazzman" 5th in Google Search

This morning I did a search for "Jazzman" on google.ca and was quite surprised with my findings. At this moment my site is on the first page of results, 5th on the page (excluding the video results). Considering its only been recently that I have put the time and effort into this site, I find it amazing that I am on the first page of google results. So what's above the thejazzman.ca?

  1. Jazzman Records - sells records but also includes a massive data base of rare records for your viewing and listening pleasure.
  2. The Jazzman (song) in Wikipedia - A song performed by Carol King in 1974. (A song I think was redone very well on the Simpson's performed by Lisa.
  3. Jazz-man (game) in article19.com - A cute little shockwave game copied from the classic PAC-MAN. You look like pac-man with a little red hat, and instead of the pac-man ghosts, you must avoid the evil music notes.
  4. A flash trailer for the 2009 movie The Jazzman.
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