Bloggers Against Music

As I was going through my friend Chris's (a.k.a Thraxus) website, I came across this group of people that have the same thoughts I do about MUSIC on other peoples websites. I HATE IT. There is absolutely nothing more annoying then browsing the web listening to my own music, and all of a sudden hitting a website that starts playing music interupting mine! I know there are sooooo many people out there who are just trying to express thenselves by song, BUT IT ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME. I DO NOT want to be forced to listen to other peoples music, like I would never force anyone to listen to my style of music. So I am pleased to have this page dedicated to BAM - Bloggers Against Music.

"This blogroll is a protest against all bloggers who force their music and videos onto us!"

I know so many people who have a new website (usually on myspace) and ask me to go look at it. Honestly, if music starts, I will not stay on the site, I will not browse through it, I will just close the window because I will not bother looking how to stop the music, and by this point I am annoyed too much to stay there anyways.

Thank you Breigh for having this elusive club.

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